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The Ultimate Gift List For Someone Who Works From Home

Over the past few years, it has become much more normal for a lot of people to head to a workstation in their own home rather than commute to an office. If you are thinking about buying a gift for someone who works from home, perhaps in a spare room, a basement or even an insulated garden room, here are a few ideas.

Gifts to improve the workstation

Working from home means that we need to be responsible for our own health and ensure that we have set up our workstation for optimum ergonomic support. Hours of sitting slumped in the wrong position can lead to chronic pain in the neck, back, and shoulders. Once this stress develops it can be very difficult to treat.

If you want to spend on a bigger item, investing in ergonomic office furniture is a great choice. This means a workstation that allows you to sit comfortably in a neutral position with your spine well supported, and the desk at a comfortable height for the hands and wrists.

For those who really dislike sitting down all day but need to put in the hours, a rise and fall desk is a worthwhile investment. These can be operated electronically or manually to move between a sitting and standing position. This can help to relieve backache and even help to burn calories and manage weight.

Desk exercise equipment is also a great idea for those who are short of spare time, such as a mini elliptical or under desk bike.

Gifts to personalise the office

Just because they are in our home environment, some items to personalise the workplace are still welcome. Plants or succulents are a simple and easy way to bring nature indoors and add some soothing greenery. A set of personalised stationery will always come in handy, or a stylish desk organiser that includes desktop charging ports.

If the recipient of the gift works from a garden room office, they may appreciate a high quality coffee maker and a mini fridge so that they can make sustaining hot beverages without having to go back to the house.

The office may benefit from some practical storage solutions such as a set of bookshelves or floating shelves that can be used to store books, DVDs, or to display photographs or ornaments.

Tech gadgets may also be appreciated by the home worker, such as a high quality smart speaker that can be voice-controlled, or a high-definition webcam for optimum video conferencing experiences. Other great tech gifts include a digital notebook to keep track of daily activities, or even a subscription to a productivity app.

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