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Garden Summer Houses

Oxford & Oxfordshire to Nationwide UK Delivery.

Garden summer houses are charming retreats that seamlessly blend with outdoor landscapes, providing a tranquil and versatile space for relaxation or entertainment during the warmer months.

What type of Summer Houses do we provide?

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Relax & Unwind

Garden Summer Houses

What better way to bring your garden to life than with a garden summer house installation, providing you with the perfect place to relax and unwind while enjoying all the spoils of the natural world. Our range of timber buildings comes with a ten-year guarantee and free UK delivery.

What is a Garden Summer House?

A garden summer house is a small, detached structure located in a garden or backyard, designed to provide a comfortable and versatile space for relaxation, entertainment, or as a retreat during the warmer months. These houses often feature large windows, inviting interiors, and are commonly used for activities such as reading, socializing, or enjoying the garden ambiance.

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We have many Garden Rooms to suit your needs

When considering a garden shed, think about what purpose it will be used for, where it will be placed and what features you require. We will ensure that the final product aligns with your expectations. We supply to all of Oxford and Oxfordshire.

Tailored Dimensions:

Our Bespoke sheds can be crafted to any size, ensuring that the shed fits perfectly within the available space in your garden or yard. This customization allows you to maximize the use of your outdoor area while meeting your storage or functional requirements.

Material Selection:

Custom sheds often offer flexibility in material choices. While timber is a popular option, you may have the freedom to choose other materials such as metal or PVC based on your preferences, durability needs, and aesthetic considerations.

Design and Features:

The design of bespoke sheds can be adapted to your specific preferences. This includes the number and placement of doors and windows, interior shelving, ventilation options, and any other features that would make the shed more functional for your intended use.

Roof Styles:

You can choose from various roof styles, such as apex (gable), pent, or even more unique designs. The choice of roof style can affect the shed's appearance, as well as its functionality in terms of water drainage and interior space.

Insulation and Finishes:

Depending on your requirements, you can customize the level of insulation for your shed. This is particularly useful if you plan to use the shed for activities that require a controlled interior environment. You may also have options for exterior finishes, colours, and treatments.

Professional Installation:

We offer professional installation services. This ensures that the shed is assembled correctly, meeting local building codes and standards. Professional installation also ensures the structural integrity of the shed.