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Garden Roof Coverings

From Polyester Felt to EPDM Rubber, We Cover It All

The right garden roof covering can make all the difference, by not only enhancing the aesthetic appeal of your shed or garden room but also providing insulation and reducing energy costs.

What type of Garden Roof Coverings do we cover?

There are various options available if you’re looking for roof coverings for your timber frame sheds and buildings at the moment. Here at Kidbys, our product range includes Onduline, Tapco, Onduvilla, tiling, and cedar shingles. We have many garden roof coverings for many different uses. Explore the types of garden roof coverings we provide below.

Cedar Shingles

Cedar shingles look environmentally friendly and have a longer lifespan than asphalt roofing shingles.

Cedar shingles are imported mainly from the country of Canada and continent of North America. Western Red shingles have their own natural oil properties making it prone to rotting. Cedar from Canada is graded and has a variety of dark shades. It is relatively knot free and it is more dense and has a tighter grain than British grown Western Red cedar. British Western Red cedar is ungraded and has a consistent pale look with knots. When left untreated cedar will bleach to a silver patina.

Felt Tiles

A felt shingle roof can be a complement in colour and design to blend well with your chosen coloured paint on your new Kidbys building.

Felt asphalt shingles are decorative strips with hexagonal, square butt or beavertail exposed shape. They are available in different colours and some designs have their colour in a gradient fill going from dark to light.

The stone granules on the surface are from hard rock which has been crushed and screened to the exact granular size. The granules are then ceramic fired to give them a variety of colours adding sparkle to your roof. Normally a colour that is darker than the main colour of your building is chosen for your roof.

EPDM Rubber Cover

EPDM is an extremely superior durable synthetic rubber roofing membrane which is cost-effectiveness to manufacture and install. It also has good resistance to heat and light and with good tensile strength makes it low maintenance increasing its life span.

One single sheet of EPDM is cut to cover the whole of your roof which is glued down to the roof with deck adhesive. Edging trims are then placed around the roof for a truly professional finish.

Polyester Felt

We use the highest quality, polyester reinforced felt from Chesterfelt. It is manufactured using modified bitumen and polyester to ensure that it stands up to the worst the UK weather has to offer.

Life expectancy of 15 years.

Clay/Slate Tiles

Clay tiles can also be used for vertical cladding covering the whole of each wall on your Kidbys building. Vertical clay tiles fixed to horizontal timber battens have been around since the end of the 17th Century. In architecture your clay tiled walls as well as adding character also visually gives greater dominance to your clay roof. Dry hanging bricks can also be used to cover your external walls.

Welsh slate is considered to be the best natural slate in the world, available in either heather (purple) or blue-grey. Slate fire hearths can be machined cut to your design to suit your gas and multifuel log burner. Kidbys recommend that the hole in your roof to house your log burner insulated chimney is cut prior to commencement of fitting your roof material. Log burner stoves need fresh air to burn safely and open vents should be fitted at the high and low end of your Kidbys building.

Artificial Slate

Man made slates also known as artificial slate are either fibre cement or concrete tiles made to imitate slate. Synthetic slates are composed of plastic and rubber and are available in different textures.

Britmet LiteSlate is ideal for roof pitches as low as 12º. Made by a recyclable blend of Polypropylene and Limestone compressed into a mould with characteristics of natural slate. LiteSlate is available in traditional colour choices with authentic finish and riven edges.