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Top Tips To Keep Your Garden In Great Shape During The Winter

The days are shorter and colder, but that doesn’t mean that we have to stop enjoying our gardens during the winter. Even when the weather is inclement, the sight of a well tended garden from indoors can help to lift our mood and bring us closer to nature.

If you are fortunate enough to have an insulated garden room that is ideal to use all year round, then you will also want to enjoy the beauty of your outdoor space from the comfort of your cabin.

This can be a real mood booster, especially if you use it as an office to work from home, or just enjoy chilling out with friends away from the main house. Perhaps it’s a retreat for carrying out your favourite hobby, or maybe even working out in a home gym. Here are a few tips to make sure that you have a beautiful view whatever the weather.

Rake up fallen leaves

The recent stormy weather has shaken off a lot of leaves lately and it’s likely that your lawns, paths and borders are starting to build up with debris. Keeping paths clear of leaves and twigs helps to reduce the risk of slips and falls.

Removing debris from beds and borders not only keeps them looking great but also helps to prevent pests, and lets the light and moisture reach the plants. Ideally, place your raked leaves in a compost heap and leave them to rot down until they can be used next year for mulch.

Raise up your pots and containers

If pots are left on the ground during the winter, they can become sodden with water, potentially damaging the roots of plants. It also increases the risk of cracking due to ground frost. Therefore it’s helpful to raise them slightly off the ground with bricks or pieces of wood to avoid the worst of the frost and help with drainage.

Turn over the soil

If you have any flower beds or pots that are empty over the winter, turning over the soil will help to keep it healthy by increasing the amount of oxygen, sunlight and water that can reach the lower depths. You can also work in some manure or compost to top up the nutrients.

This will provide you with fertile soil to plant some colourful flowers to enjoy in the springtime.

Install some wildlife friendly features

Watching birds and other wildlife in your garden during the winter time can bring life and interest when the flowers and foliage have died down. UK winters can be a hard time for birds and adding some bird feeders or fat balls can be very beneficial. They will also appreciate fresh clean water for bathing and drinking.

Place feeders up high, where cats do not have a convenient perch to access them. Birds will also eat rotten fruit and food scraps such as cooked rice, pasta, and potatoes.

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