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Timber Garden

Modern solutions for contemporary problems.

We know that sturdiness and reliability are absolute must-have features for timber garden sheds, which is why we only ever provide our clients with top-of-the-range, well-built and high-quality products that provide unparalleled durability without compromising on style. 

Browse our collection of pent sheds and apex sheds, or perhaps give us a call today to discuss a bespoke project with the team.

What type of sheds do we provide?

Timber garden sheds provide a charming and durable solution for outdoor storage, blending seamlessly into natural surroundings while offering a reliable space to organize tools and equipment. Explore the shed types we provide below.

Sheds With Flat or 'Pent' Roofs

Pent Sheds

The most versatile of garden sheds. Providing the maximum useful storage solution. Due to the single pitch, extra height and volume can be added if required whilst still keeping within planning regulations.

What is a Pent Shed?

A pent shed is a type of garden shed characterized by its single-sloped roof, with one side higher than the other. This design allows for efficient water runoff and is particularly useful when the shed is positioned against a wall or fence. Pent sheds are versatile and space-efficient, making them popular for various storage needs in gardens and yards.

Sheds With Triangular Roofs

Apex Sheds

Considered by many to be the most attractive garden shed.

What is an Apex Shed?

An apex shed, also known as a gable roof shed, is a type of garden shed featuring a distinctive triangular roof with two sloping sides that meet at a central ridge. The roof resembles an inverted “V” shape, creating extra headroom in the centre of the shed. Apex sheds are popular for their traditional and aesthetically pleasing design, offering ample interior space for storage and easy water runoff.

Custom Made To You

Bespoke Sheds

Frequently the conventional square or rectangular building will not be suitable for the space or shape available.

Whatever the problem is, Kidbys can provide a solution.

What do our Bespoke Sheds include?

Bespoke sheds with custom dimensions are tailored to meet specific size and design requirements, offering a personalized solution for individuals with unique needs. This includes tailored dimensions, material selection, design & features, roof styles, insulation and finishes and professional installations.

Explore our recent Garden Shed Projects:

We have many Garden Rooms to suit your needs

When considering a garden shed, think about what purpose it will be used for, where it will be placed and what features you require. We will ensure that the final product aligns with your expectations. We supply to all of Oxford and Oxfordshire.

Tailored Dimensions:

Our Bespoke sheds can be crafted to any size, ensuring that the shed fits perfectly within the available space in your garden or yard. This customization allows you to maximize the use of your outdoor area while meeting your storage or functional requirements.

Material Selection:

Custom sheds often offer flexibility in material choices. While timber is a popular option, you may have the freedom to choose other materials such as metal or PVC based on your preferences, durability needs, and aesthetic considerations.

Design and Features:

The design of bespoke sheds can be adapted to your specific preferences. This includes the number and placement of doors and windows, interior shelving, ventilation options, and any other features that would make the shed more functional for your intended use.

Roof Styles:

You can choose from various roof styles, such as apex (gable), pent, or even more unique designs. The choice of roof style can affect the shed's appearance, as well as its functionality in terms of water drainage and interior space.

Insulation and Finishes:

Depending on your requirements, you can customize the level of insulation for your shed. This is particularly useful if you plan to use the shed for activities that require a controlled interior environment. You may also have options for exterior finishes, colours, and treatments.

Professional Installation:

We offer professional installation services. This ensures that the shed is assembled correctly, meeting local building codes and standards. Professional installation also ensures the structural integrity of the shed.