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Men In Sheds: What Makes The Perfect Man Cave Experience?

A man cave is a space that is a sanctuary where a man can just chill out and have a bit of ‘me time’. It could be a converted basement or even just a spare bedroom, but more often than not it’s in a garden room or shed to emphasise the sense of retreat and separation from the rest of the house.

This set up isn’t a permanent means of escape obviously, just a recognition that we all need some personal space and time to ourselves now and again! It’s a chance to play music or carry out hobbies or play games without the worry about disturbing any other household members, and to basically just restore the soul after the working week or a long day.

So what features make the ultimate man cave? Obviously everyone is different and the style and content of the shed will be tailored to reflect individual tastes, personalities and interests. Here’s a look at some of the most popular features of the perfect man cave!

An entertainment zone

A man cave is often all about watching sports and movies on a wide-screen TV with a decent quality sound system. Gaming consoles or PCs are also a great choice, with a comfortable desk and chair set up.

A bar and mini-fridge

Chilling out with a beer or other beverage is all part of the man cave experience, whether it’s to be sociable with a couple of mates or just to unwind after a long day in front of the TV. A well-stocked mini-bar is just the ticket.

A hobby station

Whether it’s tinkering with vintage motor bikes or building model aeroplanes, a man cave is the ultimate hobby space with room for workbenches and tools, and without any interruptions or worry about making noise and mess in the house.

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