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What Do You Need For A Year-Round Garden Office?

If you work from home, either as part of a hybrid working arrangement, remote employment or as a freelancer, it is essential to invest in a comfortable, focused working environment free of the distractions that can happen in rather makeshift arrangements.

The ultimate commitment to a remote working paradise is a contemporary garden office that lets you work amidst the harmony of nature, with all of the productivity and health benefits that come from this.

During the summer months, this benefit is felt the most, as the garden is teeming with life, natural beauty and a great place to get away from all of the stresses of the working day.

However, you can still get many benefits of a secure, quiet, tranquil garden office beyond the most beautiful days of the year. Here are some top tips for maximising your investment.

Insulate And Weatherproof

Garden offices can range in complexity and sophistication from a shed with a desk and an office chair to place your laptop to a fully-featured office that happens to look out into the great outdoors.

The biggest additions you should add are enhanced weatherproofing, to ensure that any precious documents and electronics do not run the risk of water damage through leaking.

As well as this, using a garden office in the early morning, at night or during the dead of winter essentially requires effective insulation.

Insulation is not only good for you, as it keeps you warm, comfortable and focused, but it creates a stable environment for your phone, work computer and other devices. It also helps the garden office remain cool in summer, as insulation works both ways to create a more controlled environment.

Consider Positioning

Garden offices tend to let in a lot of light, which for the most part is not a problem, but it does require some additional positioning considerations.

The first is that the best location you can put the office will depend on the orientation of your garden, as you ideally want the windows to face south to capture as much light during the summer as possible without too much glare.

Glare can be solved using UV-filtering window films, or by simply ensuring that your work desk is adequately blocked out from the most intense natural glare.

As well as this, whilst any commute to the garden will be far shorter than to an office, try to choose a location that is convenient and easily accessible from your back door. You will be grateful you did this when it rains.

Sort Out Wiring

Whilst you could theoretically rely on battery packs and whatever Wi-Fi or mobile phone data you can access, the reality is that to make your office work for you throughout the year, you will need to hire a professional to install additional wiring.

At a minimum, you will need power outlets and lighting, but you may also be best investing in network peripherals such as additional routers and signal boosters. These will help avoid any frustrating work stoppages.

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