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Brits Store £46bn Worth Of Hobby-Related Gear

Brits love taking up a new hobby so much that we own £46 billion worth of specialist equipment to help us enjoy our pastimes.

According to Aviva, 93 per cent of people regularly partake in hobbies, whether it is playing an instrument, reading, walking or collecting antiques.

UK property claims director at the insurer Kelly Whittington said: “As a nation, we clearly love our hobbies!”

She also recommended homeowners carefully consider where they store their expensive equipment and look at how much their outbuildings are covered for.

In fact, six per cent of those who have hobbies claim they own one piece of equipment worth over £1,000.

Meanwhile, most people estimate their activity-related kit is worth between £75 and £775, though Aviva stated the figure could be significantly higher than that.

For instance, fishing equipment typically cost £1,873 to replace last year, despite anglers putting the value of their equipment down at £424.

“When items are insured and secured, people can have peace of mind to enjoy their hobbies,” Ms Whittington added.

Those who want to launch a new hobby out of their timber garden room could consider knitting, sewing, painting, drawing or writing in there.

Woman’s Day also recommends taking up biking, gardening, resistance training, water aerobics, swimming, hiking and Tai Chi, particularly for older people looking for something to do during their retirement.

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