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Why Every Woman Needs A She Shed

It might not trip off the tongue all that easily, but a ‘she shed’ is definitely a place of harmony and relaxation. We are all familiar with the concept of a man cave; usually a timber garden room or shed that is reserved for the man of the house to have some ‘me time’ and be surrounded by his favourite hobbies and interests.

These may be interests that are not shared or appreciated by the other household members, such as watching sports matches, playing computer games, listening to music, or woodworking. The man cave offers a personal space where he can indulge in his hobbies to his heart’s content, or just simply retreat to chill out with a few beers at the weekend.

But what about the female equivalent of this sacred sanctum? It’s a less well-known phenomenon, but many women have created their very own relaxation spaces known as ‘she sheds’. Here’s a look at some of the many and various ways you can create your very own dream garden retreat.

A yoga hut

A she shed is a fantastic space for carrying uninterrupted yoga and meditation sessions. You could even have a mini-gym installed if you prefer to take more aerobic exercise.

A writing lodge

The author Virginia Woolf wrote the celebrated essay ‘A Room of One’s Own’, in which she advocates for the idea that all women need their own uninterrupted space and time to fulfil their true potential. This still remains relevant today, especially for women who are juggling the demands of a family with a career and running a household.

A she shed can provide this tranquil haven for women who want to pursue their creative writing ambitions in splendid isolation. Ideally, the shed should be insulated and heated so that it is suitable for year-round use, and of course kitted out with a comfortable chair and writing desk, plus some inspirational pieces of wall art.

An art and craft studio

For those women who love painting or crafts, a she shed is the perfect sanctuary to have some happy hours working on your hobby away from the distractions of the main house.

A reading nook

Finding somewhere quiet and comfortable to curl up with a good book can be a challenge if you have a house full of teenagers who are all watching different things on TV or just generally making their presence felt. Get away from it all for a few hours in your she shed with a comfortable armchair, a few cosy rugs and throws, and a stack of good books.

A mini cocktail lounge

Sometimes, a girl just needs to chill out and talk all night with her besties and a few drinks. Kit out your garden retreat with a mini bar and a fridge so that you can stock up on your favourite tipples. Add in a few comfortable chairs and scatter cushions and you are all set for those soul restoring get-togethers.

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