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What Is A Scandinavian BBQ Cabin?

Now that the weather is seriously starting to pick up a bit, no doubt your thoughts are starting to turn to al fresco dining and spending time with friends and family out in the fresh air, enjoying all that lovely sunshine.

The likes of barbecues and picnics will always be popular as spring turns into summer but, naturally, the great British weather is somewhat on the tempestuous side… so how can you be assured that you’ll be able to enjoy your family feasts outside, even if the heavens do open all of a sudden?

With a Scandinavian BBQ cabin, of course! These beautifully handcrafted and uniquely shaped huts are fast becoming the go-to option for many at the moment, allowing people to gather no matter what’s happening with the weather to enjoy time together throughout the year.

The huts themselves have a very rich history behind them, first being seen in northern Lapland where the indigenous Sami people used these ‘grillkota’ (which is Finnish for ‘grill house’) to cook reindeer and other produce they’d gathered. They would come together around the barbecue fire in the middle of the cabin and feast together as a community.

The overall design and aesthetic of these huts hasn’t really changed much over the years and the modern iteration of the original Scandinavian grillkota is used in much the same way. While you may not be keen on the idea of hunting reindeer, you can still cook away to your heart’s content and enjoy food with friends and family whenever you want.

You’ll also find that your new investment represents excellent value for money because it’s an incredibly versatile installation that can be used in all sorts of ways, whether it’s as a garden room, for fine dining outside, as an at-home bar, a cinema room, for homeschooling… it’s whatever you want it to be!

If you’d like to find out more about these cabins, get in touch with the Kidbys team today to see how we can help.

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