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What Are The Origins Of The Scandinavian BBQ Cabin?

There has been a growth in the popularity of Scandinavian BBQ cabins in the UK as they provide a warm, cosy space to cook, eat and socialise all year long. But what are the origins of these traditional spaces and why are they now so popular?

Scandinavian BBQ huts, or more traditionally known as grillkotas or grillhyttes, are traditional huts which are primarily used for cooking and eating during the long cold winters of many Scandinavian countries, most notably Finland and Sweden.

The hut is a circular wooden hut made from solid logs or planks with a central fireplace and seating which is arranged around the fire pit.

They were originally used as a space for those working outdoors, such as farmers, hunters and herders, to warm up and cook and eat meals during the cold winter months.

The huts provided shelter, warmth and a safe space to rest and relax after a day’s work away from the brutal cold weather.

Over time, they become a popular space for families to gather and socialise, enjoying a meal together in the warmth of the space. As time passed, they became more well-known for being social spaces than safe resting spots and more and more people came to enjoy spending time in them.

Over the years, the concept of these huts spread into different countries. Many other Scandinavian countries adopted the idea of the bbq hut and they have also spread worldwide.

Regardless of climate, many people around the globe enjoy having these outdoor spaces to cook and spend time with their family and friends.

Scandinavian culture has become popular worldwide due to the appeal of its naturalistic aesthetic and its connection to nature and the environment. Many people have come to enjoy the idea of living as one with nature and outdoor living is growing in popularity.

It is also favoured due to its minimalistic style, many people enjoy Scandinavian architecture and design due to its unobtrusive, natural and simplistic feel which allows it to blend in perfectly with many different aesthetics both inside and outside of the home.

For this reason, many people choose to use Scandinavian BBQ huts in their outdoor spaces as they can melt seamlessly into the surrounding environment.

As a result, outdoor spaces which allow people to comfortably connect with nature have grown in popularity and the Scandinavian BBQ hut is the perfect way to enjoy their time outdoors all year round.

Not only can these spaces be enjoyed in the summer, with doors open and people moving in and out of the space, but they can be closed up and warmed to a cosy temperature during the winter months to allow people an escape from their busy lives and a space to spend some quality downtime.

Now found all over the world, in back gardens across the globe, the Scandinavian BBQ hut has grown immeasurably from its origins as a resting space for outdoor works and has been embraced by people from all different climates as a cosy, sociable space to rest and relax.

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