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Top Tips To Stay Focused When You Are Working From Home

Working from home is here to stay for many people in the UK. The pandemic has permanently changed the way that we work, with just 12% of people working from home in 2019, to up to 40% of people working remotely some or all of the time in 2022. 

Of course, developments in technology mean that it is now easier than ever to work from any location as long as you have a comfortable set up with access to a computer. Employers who were previously wary of staff working remotely discovered that for many people, it is actually a more productive way to work with fewer interruptions and office politics. 

This benefits the company with better staff performances, and workers appreciate being able to avoid a stressful commute and have a better work-life balance. It can save money and is good news for the environment, with fewer journeys. It also gives employees full control over their own environment, which can be better for wellbeing and productivity. 

However, there are also of course some challenges when it comes to adjusting to a WFH routine. Staying focussed and having the discipline to get the job done is the main hurdle for many people. It can be all too easy to be distracted by the temptations of the kitchen, inquisitive pets, or noisy neighbours. 

Here are some tips to help keep your attention on the job.

Have a dedicated work area

Working from home can mean that the boundaries become blurred, and this can be detrimental to both your work and personal life. If possible, have a dedicated room for your office, or at least a zoned off area that provides some sort of physical and psychological marker between work and home.

garden room office is a perfect solution for providing a working environment that is fully away from your main house yet just a few steps away. This sets firm boundaries between you and your family while you are working, and allows you to work in a spacious and well organised environment that is free from distractions. 

Have a routine

While it’s OK to have a certain amount of flexibility, it’s generally best to stick to a routine of getting up at the same time and keeping regular working hours. You should also schedule in dedicated time for breaks. It can help to mentally prepare yourself for the working day by putting on clothes you would be comfortable going outside in, rather than baggy sweatpants.

Make time to exercise

You tend to move around less when you work from home so it’s important to build some exercise into your working day. Even a ten minute workout or walk to the park at lunchtime will help to keep you fit and flexible, and reduce the risk of developing musculoskeletal related injuries from sitting down for long periods. 

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