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Top Tips For Designing Your Perfect Garden Bar

A garden bar, pub in your shed…whatever you want to call it,  it’s a great way to have your very own drinking den that is separate from the main house, yet avoids the hassle of getting a cab to town. Even a trip to your favourite local can be eye-wateringly expensive these days, especially if you are getting the rounds in with a crowd.

Why not create your very own private bar, where the guest list can be as exclusive as you like, you are in charge of closing time, and your favourite tipple will always be in stock. It’s more special than just swigging a beer on the sofa because you can recreate the look and atmosphere of a stylish bar or cosy pub in your insulated garden room.

Here’s a quick guide for some inspiration. 

Consider the type of setup you want

Think about the type of drinking establishments that you prefer; a cosy country pub or a smart city bar? What are your favourite drinks, such as draught beers and cask ales or wines and cocktails? Will the bar be mainly for your personal use, or for socialising with friends and family? This will influence the decor and other requirements of your garden bar. 

Sleek and contemporary bottle bars

Bottle bars just require a fridge or two to stock bottled beers, wines, and mixers. These are easier to set up than a bar that serves drinks on draught, so consider how much time you have to invest and what your budget is. Running water and a sink would be a bonus for making ice and keeping on top of the glass washing.

You will also need to install shelves to store spirit bottles and glassware, and have good task lighting over the bar tops. 

Traditional draught and cask ale bars

If you prefer a classic pub set up with beers on tap this is perfectly possible, although it will take a little more time and investment to achieve. To serve draught beers, you will need to have room to install a cool storage system and beer lines with pumps. There are home solutions available, although it may be best to have them professionally installed.

If you just want cask ales this is a little simpler, although you will still need to invest in a suitable cask and cooling system to serve drinks at the optimal temperature. 


All types of garden bar will require shelving, storage, a bar counter, lighting, tables, and stools, chairs, or sofas. Think about how many people are likely to be visiting your bar. If it’s going to be a small crowd you’ll want enough space for everyone to sit and mix comfortably, so aim for a good combination of sociable bar stools and chill out sofas.

Look for furniture made from durable materials that can withstand a little wear and tear should guests be clumsy or accidentally spill their drinks. You may wish to add extras such as a pool table or a dart board if there’s space.

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