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Top Tips For Creating Your Dream Garden Office Set Up

Working from home has become the new norm for many people in the UK, whether for part or all of the week. This arrangement suits many people very well, as they can avoid long and stressful commutes and all the usual disruptions that traditional office life brings with it.

However, it is imperative to have the right home office set up to ensure that the work is carried out in a comfortable environment that maximises productivity. This is sometimes easier said than done, especially in a busy family household during the long summer holidays.

It can sometimes be difficult for younger children to understand that just because their parent or caregiver is present at home, it does not mean that they are available for family time as they perhaps are at the weekends. This can lead to frequent interruptions and less work getting done than you would like.

A garden room is an ideal solution to resolve these kind of WFH dilemmas. It provides a quiet and secluded place away from the main house where family members will be less tempted to interrupt you. It is also a wonderful place to enjoy the benefits of working amidst the natural beauty of nature, which can promote creativity and boost the mood.

Choose an area of the garden that receives good natural sunlight and is a reasonable distance away from the main house. If there are any potential sources of noise that can’t be avoided, such as the proximity of a busy road, then consider incorporating some soundproofing materials into the design of the building.

When considering the interior layout, include storage solutions to help keep your workspace tidy and clutter free. Invest in a desk and chair that are ergonomically adjusted and comfortable to guard against back ache and eyestrain. Prioritise WiFi connection with extenders if necessary, to avoid frustrating delays in digital communication.

Good lighting is also important, with sufficient task lighting for reading and ambient background lighting that does not cause a harsh glare on your computer screen. Test the lighting scheme in hours of darkness to make sure that it will be satisfactory for working during the shorter days of winter.

Personalise the space with a few photographs, wall art or knick knacks, and add some plants to provide continuity with the outdoor space and help to bring you closer to nature.

You may also want to consider a small break-out area with a sink, kettle, and small fridge so that you can make tea and coffee without having to return to the main house, and possibly plumbing for a lavatory.

For an office garden room that you will be using all year round, heating and insulation are a major consideration. Opt for double glazing and insulated walls, roofing, and flooring to ensure that the temperature is comfortable in colder weather. You may wish to install underfloor heating to save space or have oil radiators fitted.

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