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Top Tips For A Bright And Colourful Garden In Winter

Just because it’s winter, it doesn’t mean that we have to live with a drab and barren garden for the next few months. If you have a garden workshop or cabin that you use all year round for crafts and hobbies, then it’s a good idea to make sure that you have an attractive garden so that you can appreciate the view and enjoy the time you spend there.

If you use the cabin for painting or crafts, some vibrant winter colour can be a source of inspiration as well as joy and cheer. Here are some top suggestions for a bright and blooming garden that is full of interest whatever the weather.

Plant up some winter containers

Pots and containers are a quick way to add life and colour to your garden. The UK has relatively mild winters, which means that it’s possible for some species of plant to flower all year round. Look for vibrant pansies, clematis, hellebores and heathers.

For late winter or early spring flowers, plant snowdrops, crocus, wood anemone, and iris.

Add some fragrant shrubs

Plant some flowering shrubs with a pleasant fragrance such as daphnes near to the entrance of your cabin to welcome you every time you use it. This will lift your spirits and remind you that springtime is on its way. Daphnes also produce charming clusters of white, pink, red flowers in late winter or early spring.

Plant evergreens

Evergreens will ensure that your garden never looks too forlorn whatever time of year it is. Holly is a classic choice, especially if you are a fan of the festive season. With its deep glossy green leaves and bright red berries, it is perfect to take cuttings for authentic indoor decorations as well.

Ivy is another popular choice, and it can be trained to climb along walls, fences and garden structures to soften their appearance and add visual interest. Box shrubs can be pruned into shapes to add structure and variety to your garden.

Add a bird feeder

Adding a bird feeder or bird table will provide a valuable source of food for birds during the winter, and provide enjoyment and interest while you watch from your window.

Add some simple decorative lights

Finally, the short days of winter mean that you may be using your garden cabin during a gloomy afternoon when the light is poor. Cheer up the gloom by adding some decorative lights to your garden. This could simply be a few small solar lights along pathways or flowerbeds, or tea lights arranged in jars or holders.

You may wish to invest in a hurricane lamp or two for a more dramatic effect, or string some fairy lights or festoon lighting along fence posts, drape them around trees, or hang them from the eaves of garden structures.

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