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Tips For Creating An Inspiring Garden Arts And Crafts Studio

All artists from the most amateur to the seasoned professional need an inspiring environment to work in. The perfect garden art or craft studio can help your creativity to flow unimpeded by poor lighting, cramped working conditions, or constant interruptions from family or pets. Here are a few tips for creating your own artistic haven.

Decide how much space you need

Art and craft projects generally take up a lot of room, and you will probably need extra space to store materials and equipment, and to leave your artworks to dry out and be stored. A utility area to wash brushes and prepare drinks will also be invaluable. In simple terms, the bigger the better when it comes to the size of your garden studio!

Make the best use of natural light

One of many advantages of a bespoke garden workshop is that you can have as much natural light as you wish, without having to clear the space for other activities as you would with the dining table of your house, for example. Take full advantage of this opportunity with ample windows and glazed doors. You could even include skylights for maximum brightness.

When considering the position of windows, it is useful to measure the height of your desk and your sitting position, so that you can work with the best light and also enjoy views of your garden. If you carry out a lot of work standing at an easel to paint large canvases, full length glazing will help you to make the most of the natural daylight.

For year round use, ceiling or wall mounted spotlights will help to boost visibility on darker winter days. You can support this light with a desk lamp or floor standing task lamp.

Optimise storage space

Good storage space is crucial to ensure that your working area remains clutter free and pleasant to use. Research shows that messy and crowded work spaces can cause us to feel stressed out and unproductive.

Trying to produce your best creative work amid chaos may sound romantic and fit in with the stereotypical image of the artistic genius, but the reality is that scrabbling around for a particular pencil or tube of paint is frustrating and interrupts the flow of your work. Therefore it’s important to put just as much thought into your storage as your actual working space.

Built-in shelving and cupboards can be the best solution for maximising space, because they can be fitted from floor to ceiling, thus avoiding the wasted space above and to the side of free-standing furniture. Your garden building supplier may be able to design and build a bespoke storage system if you require.

A blank canvas

When it comes to the interior design of your studio, no doubt you will relish the opportunity of a blank canvas to style as you wish. Easy to clean laminate flooring can be made to feel more cosy with rugs, while the wall space is ideal for shelving or to display your artworks.

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