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Interior Design Inspiration For Your Summer Garden Room

If you have a garden room that is newly installed, or is perhaps crying out for a spring makeover, then you might be searching for some inspiration. It’s a space that is perfect for putting your own stamp on, whatever you want to use it for. Here are some themes and general design ideas to help make your garden building a welcoming and relaxing place.

Seaside theme

There’s nothing like a seaside theme to bring on those relaxed holiday vibes. Even your nearest beach is a three hour drive away, you can create that chilled out surfer hut feel with some simple design choices. Starting with whitewashed walls and floors will give you a nice clean canvas to work with.

Add in some accent colours for soft furnishings and accessories such as blues, sand, greens, and maybe a splash of red here and there. Alternatively, you might want to go for pretty pastel shades to evoke the feeling of a British seaside town. Pick a colour palette that you find comfortable, and stick to three or four accent colours to avoid a mish mash. 

When it comes to accessories, there’s plenty of inspiration to choose from, such as ropework and netting, anchors, ship’s wheels, coloured glass objects, shells, and so on. Choose natural materials such as rattan and cane, and consider including items made from reclaimed materials or driftwood. 

Country cottage garden

Even if you are not fortunate enough to have a classic country cottage garden, you can still enjoy the aesthetic as you blur the lines between outdoors and indoors. Start with an earthy palette of sage greens and soft browns or greys, and add touches of floral or botanical prints with soft furnishings or wall art.

Choose natural materials that complement the timber structure such as rattan, wicker or bamboo. Add plenty of potted plants in a variety of shapes and sizes, from miniature botanical trees or shrubs to succulents and herbs, which will also provide delicious fresh cooking ingredients.

Clean and contemporary

If you prefer to keep the look of your summer house modern, opt for furniture with sleek clean lines and no intricate decorative details. You may wish to keep the colour scheme strictly neutral if you are fond of the Scandi aesthetic, but introduce touches of texture or pattern to create some interest.

For example, you may want to incorporate a subtle geometric pattern on cushions or curtains, or add texture with sheepskin rugs and throws or chunky knits. It’s also possible to do the contemporary look with bolder colours such as navy blue or charcoal. 

Practical considerations

Your garden room is a practical space that is meant for living and working in, and ultimately what matters is that it is convenient and comfortable for your purposes, and you enjoy spending time there. It’s your space and should reflect your identity rather than just be a backdrop for social media photographs.

A theme can make your garden building fun to use and share as a social space, but it shouldn’t get in the way of the activities you want to pursue, or involve a time consuming maintenance routine. Choose hard-wearing materials that are made to last and will withstand the conditions, particularly if it is unheated during the winter months. 

If you are on a tight budget, source second hand furniture whenever possible. A small portable heater or oil-filled radiator can keep the chill away on cooler summer evenings if you don’t have an integrated heating system. 

Make the most of the natural light sources by keeping the windows clean and clear of obstructions, and add some mirrors to reflect the view of the garden and help to make it feel bigger and brighter. 

Finally, if you have a larger garden building, consider incorporating a dedicated storage space to avoid clutter and ensure that you have everything you need close by. For example, if you want to use it as an art studio, you will need a place to store canvases, paints, and brushes, and so on. 

Larger garden rooms may also benefit from a kitchenette to prepare snacks or for chores such as washing brushes. It may even be possible to create separate zones for working and relaxing and socialising. 

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