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How To Create A Home Gym In Your Garden Room

We all know the benefits of taking regular exercise, from maintaining aerobic fitness and muscle strength to better mental health. However, busy lifestyles mean that getting to the gym three or four times a week can be a challenge. This is why many people create a home gym, so that they can easily fit in a workout before or after work.

Home gyms are ideal for people who are new to exercise and find the prospect of sweating on a treadmill in a roomful of strangers daunting. Having your own private workout space means that you can exercise at your own pace and whenever you want. It also saves money on travel and expensive gym membership fees.

Not everyone has a suitable space within their house to create a home gym. Installing a garden room that can either be used as a multipurpose space or a dedicated gym is an ideal solution. Here are some tips and suggestions to help you get the best results.

Decide what equipment you want

The first point to consider is what you are going to put in your garden gym. If you want to use heavy machines such as treadmills and cross trainers, you will need to have a solid concrete foundation to make sure that the flooring will be strong and stable enough to support the weight and repeated impacts.

If you are particularly tall, remember that you will be elevated when using a treadmill, so ensure that the building has enough height clearance. Rubber gym matting is ideal if you want to train with weights or do a lot of floor-based exercise such as pilates and yoga.

Consider ventilation

A well lit and ventilated space is crucial to create the right workout environment. The windows should be openable, and there should be plenty of vents and an extractor fan. Insulated walls and double glazing will make the space usable all year round.

Glazed bifold doors or wall to wall glazing may seem like a good idea, but consider how much privacy and wall space you want in your gym. If the building is positioned in a sunny spot, consider how much solar gain the windows will create in the summertime.

Lighting and heating

You want to be able to use your gym at any time of the year, so some form of lighting and heating will be necessary. LED spotlights are energy efficient and will prevent thermal gain. Underfloor heating will help to save space and should be adequate if you are using the space solely as a gym.

The gym should have enough sockets for you to add a TV screen and sound system, as you may want to follow workout videos or just have some form of entertainment while you exercise. If you have enough space, you may want to install plumbing to create a small sink and shower area to freshen up after your workout.

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