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Garden Cabins: The Answer To Effective Remote Working

The remote working revolution that took wing during the pandemic shows no sign of reversing, despite headlines about big companies keen to usher their employees back to the office. In the UK, all workers now have a legal right to request flexible working arrangements from day one, which employers must deal with in a ‘reasonable manner.’

Most companies now acknowledge the benefits of flexible working arrangements, as they have found that it leads to a happier and more productive workforce and greater levels of staff retention. Remote working opens up the business to a much wider talent pool and can help to build a more inclusive workplace.

However, this is not to say that remote working does not bring its own challenges. Not everyone is suited to working in isolation, as they prefer the buzz of human interaction. In this case, an employee is likely to opt to work in an office at least two or three days per week, or choose to work from a cafe or other public place.

Some people just do not have the willpower to avoid the distractions and temptations of working from home, and find that they need the discipline of a dedicated office environment. It may be the case that the home just does not have enough quiet spaces to work in, especially in a busy household with young children or pets.

Even for people who prefer to work from home, finding the right space can still be an issue. It is still important to maintain boundaries between your personal life and career no matter how much you enjoy your job. If you have a partner or family, it’s also important to consider their needs and avoid turning the home into a permanent office.

It may be the case that you simply have a small house with no suitable space for setting up a comfortable home office. One of the most effective solutions to this dilemma is to invest in a contemporary garden office building.

A high-spec timber garden room can be customised for year-round comfort, with insulated walls and ceilings, double glazing and underfloor heating, for example, and is a far cry from a basic timber shed. These are structures that are designed for people and not just gardening tools!

Working from a custom garden building provides you with the best of both worlds: a space that is physically and psychologically separate from your own home, yet just a few steps away across the lawn. For many people, this is the ideal way to have an uninterrupted work zone whilst avoiding the distractions of a busier public office or a tiring commute.

Commissioning your own office cabin also gives you a blank slate to work with in terms of the design and layout of your space. You can have the ideal balance of storage, deskroom, mood-boosting decor, and even a beautiful view of your garden to bring a soothing connection to nature. This will all add up to greater productivity and job satisfaction.

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