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Embrace The Year Round Magic Of A Scandinavian BBQ Cabin

The first chills of autumn may be arriving on the breeze, but that doesn’t mean that we have to stop enjoying our gardens. If you love the summer months that are packed with entertaining on the patio and barbecues that go on late into the evening, then you will love the magic of a year-round Scandinavian BBQ cabin.

Here are some tips to help you make the most of this stunning garden feature.

Barbecue in all weathers

The BBQ cabin does exactly what it says on the tin: the central grill and chimney allows you to host all weather indoor barbecues, so summer-style entertaining doesn’t have to end in September. In colder weather, the cabins are wonderfully warm and snug, creating the perfect cosy atmosphere.

Explore new recipes

The grill is not limited to traditional BBQ fare such as sausages and burgers. It’s also the perfect way to prepare seafood and deliciously charred roast vegetables. You can also slow-cook stews, soups, and even roast chickens and other cuts of meat in a cooking pot hung over the fire. For dessert, why not treat yourself to toasted marshmallows.

Multi-purpose uses

Of course, your cabin doesn’t have to be exclusively for cooking in. The high-quality timber garden building can serve many other purposes. For example, it can be a workshop or a retreat to work on crafts and hobbies where you will not disturb the rest of the household, or be disturbed yourself.

The cabin can be used as a teenagers’ den, giving youngsters the freedom to listen to their own music and socialise in a safe space. It is also the ultimate man cave, a place to retreat to when you just want some soul restoring hours to relax, rest, or pursue hobbies.

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